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Testimonial Rotator

Ken Briscoe

I had my 2008 Saturn Sky detailed by Distinct Detail, I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting there car done. They do a phenomenal job.

D. Haines

I just bought a used Toyota. It had a lot of little scratches that I thought were permanent. I was very excited to see all the small scratches were gone! Distinct has always done a great job with my car.

K. Martin

I think Distinct Detail Car Services is one of the best hand washed and waxed professional car services that I have had the pleasure of taking my car too in years. Every wheel casing, nook and cranny of the entire car did not go untouched. The wheels on my car were immaculate, sparkling, and shinny like new when the job was completed. I don't know where to began when I think of the great job Distinct Detail did on the interior of my car. The leather seats were clean and soft like new. I would highly recommend this friendly family car service over any in the Valley of the sun.

Paul Schneider

By far some of the most amazing detailers in the world. A true passion for perfection

B. Brundo

The Rock Stars of Detailing!  We love Distinct Detail AZ in Hollywood CA, where image is everything, they help keep our rides looking good. This is one great mobile service.

L. Plougmann

Distinct Detail is one incredible company! Some of our race cars and a motorcycle were selected to be on display for a large charity event. We called Distinct Detail to wash and polish them. When Distinct Detail was finished, the cars looked as if they had never been on a race track! We received hundreds of compliments at the charity event. One of our cars was painted over 5 years ago…with a spray can. Yes, it’s true…Distinct Detail does a great job and takes tremendous pride in their work. Their slogan is “The Best Mobile Detail Shop on the West Coast”….so true, so true! L.