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Window Cleaner

Price: $6.95

Lightning Fast Stain Extractor



This uniquely designer blend of cleaners lift dirt particle away from the fibers so that they can be rapidly removed.  Lightning Fast  protects after every use, allowing the carpet fibers to  resist and repel future spots and stains.
Lightning fast works fast against even the toughest of stubborn stains. The unique emulsion lifts away contaminates while eliminating the need for vigorous scrubbing.
Price: $8.95




Price: $10.76

Leather Cleaner


OEM Approved Colorless + Odorless Leather Cleaner:

Our leather cleaner is pH-balanced for the most efficient cleaning. Easily wipe away contaminants without harming your leather.

Leather is absolutely stunning when treated and cared for correctly. Don't mistreat your fine leather, once cleaned remember to condition it too. 



Price: $7.95