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Electrostatic Duster and Air Brush


The perfect brushes for cleaning those hard to reach places like vents and crevices.

Price: $8.95

Nifty Interior Carpet Brush


The Nifty Carpet  Brush fits into any space and delivers fast and easy cleaning power. It's tough on stains, yet gently on upholstery and carpet fibers.  

Price: $8.95

Hair Removal Electrostatic Brush


The custom designed  flexible bristles of this brush create an electrostatic charge that attracts and holds pet hair like a magnet. The unique design of the brush combined with the superior electrostatic rubber composite makes the brush 100% scratch free for all surfaces. Use it to remove hair from clothing, seats, upholstery, sofas, leather seats home and car carpet and virtually all furniture.

Price: $7.45