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Air Fresheners

Our most popular Air Fresheners

If you enter an automotive manufactoring company, you'll notice most people who assemble cars wear a mask. They have a mask because they're constantly made to smell that new-car smell. That smell is not necessarily healthy for you. Most of those odors are VOCs, volatile organic compounds.


All of our fragrances are naturally derived.


So Fast Odor Eliminator


Eliminate smelly foul odors forever by tackling the problem. Odor Causing bacteria are bad for your health and really stink.  So Fast Odor eater is designed to destroy strong odors and smoke odors in seconds while leaving behind the nice fresh smell of Green apple.

Price: $9.95

New Car Scent



A Natural Enzymatic Air Freshener, works by eliminating odors and reducing new odors. Your vehicle will smell like new again.
Price: $7.95

Stripper Scent


"The Smell of Success"

The perfect potion derived from that ooh-so familiar scent you simply will not smell anywhere else. The enchanting memory from which this scent is aroused is the never-to-forget evening out to an elegant club where the shiny glow of the copper poles was almost as exciting as the tantalizing fragrance that filled the air. 
Price: $5.95